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How to Access MT5 Accounts on DIFX Wallet

DIFX MT5 provides a wide variety of trading tools for different financial markets such as Stocks, Commodities, Forex, & Crypto. Learn how DIFX MT5 can help you diversify your investment.


A Beginner’s Guide to DIFX Exchange

DIFX is an insured, cross-asset trading platform that offers unique trading options. This article discusses the basics of a DIFX Exchange and how you can get started as a user of DIFX.


How to Activate Anti-phishing Code on DIFX Exchange

Anti-phishing codes protect your digital accounts against malicious actors who use phishing emails to steal sensitive data or funds. Read more about phishing attacks & anti-phishing codes.


How to Use the DIFX Nomination Program?

You can use the DIFX Nomination Program to manage your digital wealth in a seamless manner. It provides a safe & secure way for you to send funds to the people of your choice.


How to Buy Crypto With Your Credit Card on DIFX Exchange

We will demonstrate in this article how to purchase cryptocurrency on the DIFX using a credit or debit card. The first step is to log in/ Sign up to the DIFX website & go to the home page.


What is DIFX Token?

DIFX token is the native currency of the DIFX Exchange. With DIFX Token, you can benefit from instant transfers, specific discounts, and specific value. The following are some of its key features.