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How to Spot Crypto Whales?

Crypto whales are individual entities that hold a significant amount of a cryptocurrency, huge enough to cause a big effect on the markets and move the asset’s price. Crypto whales can be a person or an organization.

Bitcoin Price Overtime: From Cents to $69k!

Bitcoin started its journey in 2008 when Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of the largest cryptocurrency in the world, published its whitepaper. Bitcoin’s mainnet went live, setting the foundation of a crypto market.

What Are Bollinger Bands and How to Use Them in Trading?

Bollinger Bands are a technical tool that help traders to catch volatility and sharp price movements of an asset and find profitable entry and exit points. Traders can use Bollinger Bands to spot

Bitcoin ETFs Explained

Exchange-traded Funds or ETFs are well-known financial products that follow the price of other financial assets. Any financial asset like stocks, commodities, currencies, and even cryptocurrencies

How to Use Risk/Reward Ratio in Trading

The risk/reward ratio (R/R ratio) allows traders and investors to gauge their trades and see how much reward will be likely in respect to the risk they are willing to take. By using the risk/reward ratio

A Beginner’s Guide to the Ichimoku Indicator

Ichimoku Kinkō Hyō or Ichimoku for short is a technical indicator that helps traders to predict future price movements and market momentum and find support or resistance areas.

What is Fractional Reserve Banking?

Fractional reserve banking allows banks to only keep a portion (fraction) of their customers’ deposit money and lend the rest to other clients as loans. In this way, banks will be able to stimulate the


Know Your Customer (KYC) Explained

KYC procedure is used by companies to verify their prospective customers & clients. KYC is essential to AML & CFT. The KYC process is particularly important for financial institutions & banks.