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A Beginner’s Guide to DIFX Exchange

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Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX), is a multi-asset trading platform that allows users to trade across different asset classes such as Forex, cryptocurrencies, and stocks.

Users can also buy crypto with their credit/debit card, trade, and get access to multiple staking options.

Additionally, DIFX offers a unique feature called the Nomination Program which allows you to manage the future of your crypto assets.

You can simply nominate up to 5 people as your nominees who will receive your funds in case of unfortunate events.

In this article, we will talk about the basics of DIFX Exchange and you will learn the basics to start your journey as a DIFX user.

What is the DIFX Exchange?

Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX) is a fully-insured, cross-asset trading platform that offers unique trading options to its users.

DIFX is cross-asset as it allows its users to have access to multiple financial instruments across multiple asset classes.

Stocks, Forex, crypto, commodities, and indices are all available on one single platform, allowing users to diversify their portfolios by distributing their funds and adjusting their risk exposures.

Additionally, DIFX is fully-insured, protecting its users’ funds against hacks, human errors, and even internal fraud.

Its partnership with Fireblocks, one of the top digital custodians in the world, allows DIFX to offer its users a highly-secure wallet while insuring their assets.

What does DIFX offer?

Aside from trading services, DIFX brings multiple other benefits to the table. Let’s take a quick look at some of the features you can use on the DIFX Exchange.

Fully-secureDigital Wallet

As a DIFX user, you will have a fully-insured digital wallet that allows you to access and manage your funds through a seamless platform.

On the DIFX wallet, you can check your balances on the DIFX spot and MT5 platforms, review your DIFX rewards, manage your current stakings, and go through your transaction history.

DIFX Wallet is quite secure as it is built on Fireblocks MPC wallets. In addition to cryptography techniques like MPC, Fireblocks also uses a deposit address authentication network, policy engines, and chip-level hardware isolation to protect your digital assets completely against any internal and external threats.

The Spot Exchange

DIFX spot exchange is a trading platform where you can trade a variety of crypto assets.

By integrating TradingView, one of the most known charting tools in the world, DIFX allows you to do your market analysis on the platform as well.

You can place Market, Limit, and Stop-Limit orders, go through the order book, and change the trading layout based on your needs.


DIFX MT5 is the traditional wing of the DIFX Exchange where you can trade on traditional markets.

You can simply use your crypto funds in your wallet to trade assets like Gold, the Dollar, or any stocks of your choice.

DIFX Nomination Program

We can say that the DIFX Nomination program is the most innovative solution of the platform. All DIFX users can use this tool to manage their crypto assets and plan for their future.

Through the DIFX Nomination Program, you can simply nominate 5 family members or friends as your beneficiaries.

In this way, you can rest assured that in case of any unfortunate event, your cryptocurrencies will not be lost forever and will be transferred to your loved ones in a secure and seamless manner.

Read our “How to Use the DIFX Nomination Program?” to learn more about the DIFX Nomination Program.

DIFX Staking

Staking is a new concept in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space that acts similarly to interest-bearing bank accounts.

By keeping a specific token for a predetermined period of time, you will earn a predefined Annual Percentage Yield (APY).

The DIFX Exchange offers various staking options which allow users to stake different tokens.

Users can stake their cryptocurrencies from 10 to 365 days with the APY being proportionate to the staking period.

DIFX Academy

Raising awareness within the crypto and blockchain communities is one of the DIFX core values. At DIFX, we believe that

“a knowledgeable community makes informed decisions, informed decisions will result in more successful outcomes, and successful outcomes will create a flourishing future for the community that thrives to learn and achieve more.”

DIFX Academy is an academic platform that offers a vast variety of educational materials in the form of text and video.

The platform is free and accessible to all crypto and blockchain enthusiasts.

How to open an account on the DIFX Exchange?

You can open a personal or corporate account on DIFX. The process is quite simple. To open your personal account, go to the DIFX website. Now:

1. Click on “Register” at the top right side.

2. Here, make sure that the “Individual” tab is selected. Select your country of residence and enter your email address or phone number based on the selected option. Accept the Terms and Conditions and click on “Sign Up”.

3. Complete the Captcha.

4. Enter the 6-digit OTP code you have received on your email or phone number. Click on “Verify”.

5. That’s it! Log in to your account to buy your first cryptocurrency and start your trading journey.

Check out our tutorial here to learn how to buy cryptocurrencies using your debit or credit card.