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How to Use the DIFX Nomination Program?

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The novelty of cryptocurrencies was accompanied by some challenges as well. Some of these challenges were noticed as people actually started losing their funds due to the loss of their private keys.

Crypto users can lose access to their private keys for various reasons; they may simply forget their keys, lose the storage they were saved on, or have them stolen by a hacker. There is also another unfortunate reason that may lead to the loss of crypto assets: death!

As a cryptocurrency owner, you should always take extra measures to safeguard your private keys. As for unexpected incidents, the DIFX Nomination Program is here to help.

What is DIFX Nomination Program

The DIFX Nomination Program is a simple tool that allows you to manage your digital wealth seamlessly by ensuring a safe and secure transfer of funds to the people of your choice.

The program was designed in a way to provide you with a user-friendly and easy platform to simply assign your nominees with a few clicks.

All DIFX users are eligible to use the Nomination Program to pass on their crypto funds to their family, friends, and loved ones. The program allows you to assign up to 5 people as your nominees and allocate them the percentage of funds you desire.

You can simply manage your nominees from your DIFX profile with a few clicks.

As more people adopt cryptocurrencies as a new asset class and add them to their baskets, DIFX Nomination Program can be just the right solution for the future of your crypto management.

How to Add Your First Nominee Using the DIFX Nomination Program?

As a DIFX User, you can assign up to 5 people as your nominees, allocating them the percentage that you like. The nominee will receive an email regarding your request, however, will not be informed of the percentage that you have allocated.

Your nominees should simply make an account on the DIFX Exchange to accept or reject your request. Otherwise, your request will remain pending.

To add your first nominee:

  • You need to log in into your DIFX account. Remember, you have to complete your KYC and Two Factor Authentication to be able to add new nominees.
  • Go to the DIFX website and choose Nomination from the main menu.
  • Click on “Add Nominee”.
  • Here, enter the information of your selected person and choose the most appropriate relation. Lastly, enter the percentage that you want to allocate and click on “Add”.
  • Enter the code to complete your 2FA and wait for your nominee to accept or reject your request.

On the Nomination page, you can simply scroll down to view your current Nominees and the status of your request. You can also remove a Nominee from there as well.

If you have received a nomination request, simply go to the “Nominee Request” tab to accept or reject. Remember, the nominator will receive an email confirming your decision.

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