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A Beginner’s Guide to Zero-knowledge Proofs

In simple terms, zero-knowledge proofs help us to verify a piece of data without revealing any information about it using cryptography techniques.

What is Social Engineering?

Social engineering refers to a set of manipulation techniques an attacker uses to gain access to sensitive information. Through the art of persuasion, the attacker assures the

End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) Explained

End-to-end encryption is a technique in cybersecurity that hides messages from unauthorized eyes by using encryption techniques. The message will be obfuscated in the sender’s device and


How to Activate Anti-phishing Code on DIFX Exchange

Anti-phishing codes protect your digital accounts against malicious actors who use phishing emails to steal sensitive data or funds. Read more about phishing attacks & anti-phishing codes.


9 Top Security Tips Every Crypto Holder Should Know!

Take a look at the top crypto security tips. By following these tips and guidelines in this article, you can keep your crypto assets safe and secure from scammers & cybercriminals.


The Common Attacks in Crypto Space and How to Avoid Them

The security of your funds is extremely important to us at DIFX. As a user, you can always improve the security of your assets. You should be aware of the following common attacks


10 Crypto Security Terms You Should Know

Crypto security has become more important than ever, so let’s look at some of the most common security terms and tips. 51% Attack, Cryptography, 2FA, Double Spending Seed phrase, etc