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10 DeFi Terms You Should Know

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem is trying to bring financial markets to everyone. Check out some of the most common DeFi terms like DEX, DApp


10 Crypto-related Financial Risks You Should Know

Financial markets go hand in hand with financial risks. Check out some of the most common financial risks associated with the crypto industry you should know.


10 Coin/Token Types You Should Know

Cryptocurrencies are not just a medium of exchange anymore. Check out various types of crypto tokens and the features they offer. Altcoin, Stablecoin, Shitcoin


10 Trading Terms You Should Know

Learn some of the most fundamental trading terms that you may hear. Trading Pair, Trading Order, Spot Market, Futures Market, Derivative, Order Book, OTC, ETF


10 Crypto Trading Terms You Should Know

From remittance to financial inclusion, cryptocurrencies bring great opportunities to the table. Check out some of the common crypto trading terms like CEX, FUD


10 Crypto Security Terms You Should Know

With crypto security becoming more important than ever, let’s go through some of the most common security terms & tips. 51% Attack, Cryptography, 2FA, etc