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10 Ethereum Upgrades You Should Know

This article talks about the top 10 Ethereum upgrades. The Merge​, ,Serenity​, Frontier​The Split​, Beacon Chain​, Constantinople​, Istanbul​, Shanghai​ Glacier Upgrades​, London.


10 NFTs Terms You Should Know

This article discuss 10 common terms you may come across when dealing with NFTs. NFT Collection, NFT Marketplace, NFT Artist, ERC-721, Mint, Crypto Collectibles, Cryptokitties, etc


10 Regulatory Bodies You Should Know

In this article, we discuss some of the major regulatory bodies that may have an influence on the overall rules and regulations of the crypto market. SEC, CFTC, FATF, World Bank, IMF, FED, BIS, etc.


10 Bear Market Terms You Should Know

Markets that experience bearish conditions are an inevitable part of the financial industry. Bear markets are characterized by very negative sentiment & a consistent price drop.


10 Economic Terms You Should Know

This article will discuss some of the most important economic terms you may often see in the news these days, as the world economy continues to recover from pandemics and wars.


10 Futures Market Terms You Should Know

Discover the common terms used in the futures markets to help you comprehend the reason for these massive losses. Long Position, Futures Contract, Delivery Date, Margin Call, Leverage, etc.


10 Basic Market Terms You Should Know

There are a few terms you should know whether you are a passionate investor who focuses on traditional markets or an active day trader who enjoys the volatile cryptocurrency space. Read more.


10 Order Types You Should Know

We will discuss some of the most common types of orders together: Stop-Limit Order, Take Profit Order (T/P), Day Order, Market Order, Limit Order, Immediate or Cancel (IOC) Order, etc.