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X to Earn: Let’s Watch!

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In recent years, blockchain has disrupted various sectors, however, the marketing industry has been the one that has used this technology and its features in exciting and innovative ways.

Watch-to-Earn (W2E) is another x-to-earn model within the crypto space that helps users to earn cryptocurrencies by simply watching marketing materials or content.

In this article, you will learn about the Watch-to-Earn (W2E) model and how it’s used in today’s marketing space.

What is watch-to-learn (W2E)?

Watch-to-Earn (W2E) is probably the most well-known and common member of the x-to-earn group.

The blockchain and its decentralized nature have inspired companies to look for different ways to run their business. And this took a nice turn in the marketing sector.

Advertising is an essential part of every business and is considered an important element in marketing efforts. Advertising can only be successful if presented to the right audience and this is the main reason why companies are willing to pay a considerable amount to gain access to a suitable group of people.

This demand was the foundation of the revenue model that is used by most social media companies we have today.

Let’s continue with an example. Social Media A is a conventional social media platform. Here’s how this platform works:

Social Media A provides its users with a (relatively) free space to connect with their family members and friends. The platform in return collects the personal information of its users and makes note of their online behavior.

This information is then used to segregate users into different categories based on different factors that are important from a marketing perspective.

Social Media A now has an audience for other companies’ advertisements and can provide them with a platform for presenting these advertisements as well. Based on their budget, businesses can pay for a spot on this platform and enjoy the right audience picked by smart tools powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).
There is something that is completely neglected in this model: users and their rights.

This is what a watch-to-earn (W2E) platform is mainly trying to fix. The idea behind the watch-to-earn (W2E) model is quite simple. They set aside a portion of their revenue for the audience.

The model is quite flexible and has been used in different ways. Content creators can also use this model to attract more eyes to their material by offering them some incentives in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Platforms can also integrate this model to offer their users the option of monetizing their information. Brave Browser is a good example of this. Brave is a privacy-focused browser that allows its users to watch advertisements and earn Basic Attention Tokens or BATs.

Brave is essentially rewarding its users for their attention to the advertisements which is performed in a private manner. In other words, Brave will use privacy-preserving techniques to show relevant ads to its users and collect their interactions in an anonymous way.

This approach allows for users’ interaction with any ad to stay private to only them while enabling Brave to show advertisements to the most interested audience.

How can you earn rewards using watch-to-earn (W2E)?

You just need to follow what the name says: Watch and then earn.

Essentially, you watch or pay attention to other businesses’ advertisements or content and they reward you for your time and attention.

However, there are always some specific metrics in place to make sure that you are genuinely watching the content or ads. These metrics are then used to measure the amount of rewards you will be eligible to receive.

On Brave Browser, for instance, you just need to simply turn on the option that allows you to even select the number of ads you are wishing to see in an hour.
After this, Brave will show you small ads at the bottom of your screen and based on your interaction with these ads, will allocate rewards to you.

You can collect your rewards on a monthly basis and withdraw them to your personal crypto wallet after completing your Know-Your-Customer or KYC verification.