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What is Gala Games (GALA)?

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Gala Games is a blockchain-based gaming platform that is built on the Play to Earn (P2E) model. The platform was initially developed on the Ethereum blockchain but is developing its own in-house blockchain, Project GYRI aka GalaChain.

By playing different decentralized games empowered by Gala Games, players will be able to earn GALA, the native currency of Gala World. Additionally, some of the in-game assets will be in the form of Non-fungible tokens or NFTs.
In this article, you will learn about Gala Games, different games built on the platform, and GALA, the native cryptocurrency of the ecosystem.

What is Gala Games (GALA)?

Gala Games is a Web 3.0-focused gaming studio and platform that offers various play-to-earn (P2E) games to players. Gala Games is different from conventional video games as it’s run by its users.

Gala Network is supported by Gala Nodes which are essentially computers distributed all over the world. This makes Gala Games more appealing to users as one single entity is not in charge of the whole platform.

By adopting a decentralized foundation, Gala Games allows users to be the true owner of their assets and earn by playing the game or contributing to its operations and maintenance.

The Gala ecosystem is open to everyone. If you’re interested, you can simply operate a Gala Node on your system by buying the required license, and earn rewards in return.

Gala Games has tried to offer games in different genres to cover a wide range of users. The decentralized feature of the games has not altered the game experience and you will enjoy exciting video games that just offer more than their existing counterparts.

To justify its carbon footprint and address some of the concerns in this regard, Gala Games has joined One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization that helps the platform to build one tree for each purchase done on its website.

GALA is the native currency of the Gala Games ecosystem and is used as a medium of exchange by players within the games. Gala Node operators will also earn Gala for keeping the Gala Network up and running.

Who created Gala Games (GALA)?

The promising features of Web 3.0 inspired Eric Schiermeyer and Michael McCarthy to start Gala Games in 2018 to return the power to the players.
Gala Games has grown significantly over this short period of time and has partnered with big names in the gaming and entertainment industry such as DreamWorks, AMC, and NBCU.

In February 2022, Gala Games announced a $5 billion budget to strengthen its presence in the NFT space and expand its operations to other sectors of the entertainment industry including music and movies.

Gala Music and Gala Film

Gala Music is a decentralized platform for music lovers which runs on blockchain. Artists can share their work on the platform and earn every time their track gets played.

Music lovers can also operate a Gala Music Node and earn GALA for contributing to the ecosystem.

Gala Music presents an interesting marketplace as well. Music enthusiasts may collect tracks that could become a hit in the future. They can then present these collected tracks to other users and earn when their collection gets played.

Gala Film operates the same way as Gala Music, only in the film industry. By operating a Gala Film Node, users can earn while supporting a decentralized streaming platform.

How does Gala Games (GALA) work?

As a blockchain-based platform, Gala Network is run and managed by its users. Players and gamers can simply buy a Gala Node license and participate in maintaining Gala Games Platform by running the nodes on their systems.
Node operators will be rewarded for allocating their computational resources to the ecosystem with GALA tokens and “limited edition NFTs”. At the moment, Gala Games is supported by more than 16,000 node operators around the globe.

The platform has grown significantly over the past few years and allows 1.3 million active players to enjoy a unique and exciting gaming experience every month.

As a player, you don’t need any blockchain knowledge to be able to play the games. You can simply browse through the available games and pick the ones you find interesting.

Any in-game assets that you earn will be yours completely and will have monetary value if they are in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This allows you to trade your in-game assets on open marketplaces.

Project GYRI

Gala Games is developing its own blockchain known as Project GYRI. High fees and slow transactions have convinced the Gala team to try and build their own solution as the ecosystem is expanding in different sections of the gaming and entertainment industry.

According to the plan shared by the Gala team, the test net will first go live with a test game and a test crypto token. Once the platform the fully tested, Gala Games will migrate to the new blockchain.

The Ecosystem

The Gala Games ecosystem consists of various games in different genres.

Gala has its own team which is responsible for developing some of the games while others are created by different gaming companies.

Here is a quick overview of some of the games and their status. You can simply visit the Gala Games website to see the complete list of the games.

Town Star

Town Star is probably the most well-known game within the Gala Games ecosystem. It’s a farming game developed by Gala Games itself and supports 11 languages.

In this simulation game, you can complete daily quests and earn points by using your in-game NFTs. You can also win big prizes by gaining a top place on the leaderboard.

Spider Tanks

Developed by GAMEDIA, a Netherlands-based gaming studio, Spider Tanks is a player-vs-player game where players can build custom tanks and battle against other players.

The game is live and can be played on Mac or PC.

Battlestar Galactica Eternity

Battlestar is a strategy multiplayer game and is still in the development phase. Its gameplay evolves around Cylons, an enemy who has destroyed Twelve Colonies which players need to take back.

Battlestar is being developed by a San Francisco gaming studio called Revolving Games and will be available on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.


Mirandus is another game that is being developed by Gala Games. It’s a fantasy, role-playing game where players can get Land Deeds and claim ownership over parts of this fantasy world. They can then build their own small town and have their own little world.

What is GALA?

GALA is the native currency used within the Gala Games ecosystem. Players can use GALA to buy in-game assets and pay for the transaction fees. Gala Node operators will also be rewarded with GALA for supporting the GALA Network.

GALA is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain and its circulating supply is around 7 billion at the moment.

According to CoinMarketCap, each year on July 21st, GALA experiences a halving event in its total daily emission.

Where to buy GALA

In addition to offering Gala Games (GALA) for trading on various cryptocurrency exchanges, including DIFX, they also provide a comprehensive guide on how to buy GALA for interested users. On DIFX, GALA is available as an GALA/USDT pair, enabling users to conveniently trade the cryptocurrency.

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