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What is Polkadot (DOT)?

The Polkadot network is based on the DOT cryptocurrency, which is the native cryptocurrency of Polkadot. The Polkadot network was originally developed in 2017 and co-founded by Gavin Wood.


What is Cardano (ADA)?

ADA is the native cryptocurrency that runs on the Cardano blockchain. You can trade Cardano (ADA) on most cryptocurrency exchanges, including DIFX. Read more.


The Common Attacks in Crypto Space and How to Avoid Them

The security of your funds is extremely important to us at DIFX. As a user, you can always improve the security of your assets. You should be aware of the following common attacks


What is Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin currency is based on blockchain technology, which is quite secure and resilient to attacks due to its size. Since the Bitcoin blockchain is a distributed system, it is highly secured.


10 Ethereum Upgrades You Should Know

This article talks about the top 10 Ethereum upgrades. The Merge​, ,Serenity​, Frontier​The Split​, Beacon Chain​, Constantinople​, Istanbul​, Shanghai​ Glacier Upgrades​, London.


10 NFTs Terms You Should Know

This article discuss 10 common terms you may come across when dealing with NFTs. NFT Collection, NFT Marketplace, NFT Artist, ERC-721, Mint, Crypto Collectibles, Cryptokitties, etc


10 Coin/Token Types You Should Know

The use of cryptocurrency has evolved beyond being just a means of exchange. Check out various types of crypto tokens and the features they offer. Altcoin, Stablecoin, Shitcoin