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How to Spot Crypto Whales?

Crypto whales are individual entities that hold a significant amount of a cryptocurrency, huge enough to cause a big effect on the markets and move the asset’s price. Crypto whales can be a person or an organization.

Bitcoin Price Overtime: From Cents to $69k!

Bitcoin started its journey in 2008 when Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of the largest cryptocurrency in the world, published its whitepaper. Bitcoin’s mainnet went live, setting the foundation of a crypto market.

Bitcoin ETFs Explained

Exchange-traded Funds or ETFs are well-known financial products that follow the price of other financial assets. Any financial asset like stocks, commodities, currencies, and even cryptocurrencies

What are Bitcoin Ordinals?

By using a specific numbering scheme, the Ordinal Theory brought another functionality to the Bitcoin blockchain, allowing it to have its own native Non-fungible Tokens or NFTs

How to Use Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index in Trading

Emotions play an important role in trading as they can cause market members to make irrational decisions in extreme market conditions. This is especially true for highly volatile markets


What is Cloud Mining?

As an online version of traditional cryptocurrency mining, cloud mining utilizes cloud computing. Regardless of technical expertise or financial resources, it allows everyone…


What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

BCH is a fork of Bitcoin that was created in 2017 in an attempt to increase scalability by allowing more transactions to be included per block. The BCH blockchain is compatible with NFTs.


What is Bitcoin Dominance?

The Bitcoin dominance ratio measures how much of the cryptocurrency market value is attributed to Bitcoin. Ratios do not always remain the same and change with market conditions.